6 Tips For Supervised Visitation

No parent wants to have to see their children through supervised visitation. However, in the event of the custody process, parents are often awarded visitation rights to spend time with their children and bond with them. It is meant to create regular contact between the child and parent, keeping the parent-child relationship stable and prevents the child from feeling abandoned.

Supervised visitation often brings about a lot of emotion. A parent ordered to see their child in the company of a court-ordered supervisor often feels undermined or punished. This belief can lead to the build-up of negative emotions, which can then affect the visit, sabotaging the quality of time spent with your child. Your issues must be dealt with to have a successful visit. Here are some tips for parents to follow to help make their supervised visits go as smoothly as possible.

 Be Aware

Parents need to be aware that their first visit lays the groundwork for future successful visits. Think of it in terms of making a great first impression on your first day at work. Supervisors observe these visits and make notes physically and mentally, which they will then submit back to supervising authorities like the courts, attorneys, and CPS. Questionable behavior or appearance potentially affects future visits, so try to make sure that your report is full of positive feedback. Show up, prepared, cheerful, and positive.

 Measure Your Words During Visits

Visiting parents should at all costs refrain from speaking in profane language or talking negatively of the other parent. If possible, use kind words when referring to the other parent. Nice words, for instance, “Mommy loves you very much, and I know she’s doing the best she can,” in response to a complaint about the other parent go a long way in building your appearance to the supervisors. Their report to the court will thus be pleasant.

Make a Plan

Always make sure the visit is both fun and engaging for you and the child. Come prepared with books, games, and activities that the child will enjoy. Bring interactive items over an iPad with a movie on it. If your supervisor allows you to move around, take your child out to a park, museum, or zoo. You can end the trip by bonding over ice cream at your child’s favorite shop.

Avoid Prepping Your Child

Tempting though it may be, never prep your child on what to expect during future visits. Instead, just assure them that they will see mommy or daddy soon. All their focus is on spending time with their parent, and it is your job to appeal to that.

 Find a Place to Let off Steam

The visiting parent might have feelings of disappointment, hatred, or worry at the unfairness, which could either be real or perceived. However, there is a need for one to control these feelings whenever around a supervisor. Try to find a place to vent such as with a counselor, clergy member, or a good friend not entangled in the situation.

 Always Be Upbeat

It is essential to maintain a positive mindset. Recognizing that the supervisor is not the enemy and being as cooperative as necessary shows your dedication toward betterment. This might even win you back the unsupervised visits. Many cases have seen the custody reversed owing to the same dynamic.

With these tips, supervising parents stand a better chance of making their visits successful.